Boho Flowers

Our Flowers

We look to use locally sourced, seasonal flowers
for the majority of our orders, encouraging our
clients to always embrace the seasons and the
abundance of flora available to them
at that time.

I offer seasonal flowers and foliage between
April-October. We grow between these
months but still utilise the winter months by
providing a wide range of dried products and
arrangements perfect for the Festive season.
They also need less upkeep which makes them
more environmentally attractive!

We are diversifying into growing more perennials
as a way to combat the effects of the planet
warming as a more drought tolerant option.
These also offer that extra difference in your
bouquet or arrangement that can’t be found in
your supermarket or imported flowers.
We use a mixture of shrubs, perennials,
annuals, grasses, seed-heads and more.

Our flowers are natural and vibrant and often
have beautiful scents. All the flowers will be
conditioned for 12hrs before collection to ensure
they have the best vase life possible.

Contact us for more details and if you need help with your events and parties

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