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We offer an invaluable resource to help you learn how to grow cut flowers either for your own garden or on a larger more commercial scale. Learn how to design and prep a cutting patch in your garden and make the correct selection of flowers. We will give you the skills you need to plant your own plot in order to achieve a continual supply of flowers from April to October. These courses are hands-on with plenty of practical lessons and tips on growing/cultivation, picking, conditioning and arranging flowers. Everyone will go home with a seed tray full of seeds and a hand-tied bouquet. (a range of half/full day sessions)

The Flower Farm Experience

Join Alison for a morning or afternoon on her flower farm. We will take a tour of the plot where you will see first hand how we produce a constant supply of flowers throughout the season. Get your hands dirty doing some of the necessary jobs like sowing seeds, dividing plants, taking cuttings and making compost & plant feed (to name a few). There is plenty of time to ask questions and learn from Alison's experience. This course is flexible, either a morning or an afternoon, and will usually last 3 hours (example timings: 10am-1pm or 1pm-4pm). March-August.

Grow your own cut flowers course

Learn the skills needed to design and plan your own cutting garden to create a continual supply of gorgeous blooms from April-October.
This course is held at Boho’s cutting gardens. It is a relaxing, fun and hands-on session with plenty of practical tips and tricks on what seeds to sow and when, how to cultivate seeds, potting on, how to take cuttings of what you grow and finally how to condition flowers.
You will leave with your own starter tray of seeds to get your cut flower patch going, along with lots of ideas for your own plot development.

On a date of your choice...

The Flower Farm experienceThis course is on a date of your choice. Once you have bought a ticket please email us and we can arrange a time that best suits all.
This is a 1-2-1 session that can either take place in a morning or afternoon between March-August. Tea/coffee provided.

Morning: 10am-1pm
Afternoon: 1pm-4pm


How To Grow Your Own Cut Flowers

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